What is Fast Track?
Fast Track FAQs - October 28, 2010

Fast Track is the automated, web-based, claims processing system for service connected disability compensation. The first production version focuses on the three new Agent Orange “presumptives” that Secretary Shinseki approved last October.

Who can use Fast Track?

Fast Track was developed for Veterans to submit claims for the three new presumptive conditions (ischemic heart disease, hairy cell leukemia and Parkinson’s disease) based on Agent Orange exposure in the Republic of Vietnam or inland waterways.
When will Fast Track be available?
The system will be available on October 29.

How do I access Fast Track?

To submit a claim online visit (http://fasttrack.va.gov).
How do I submit a claim if I do not have Internet access?
Claims can be submitted by mailing information to your VA Regional Office or to the
Fast Track Claims Processing Center
PO Box 10
Pinto, Maryland 21556-9998

Does Fast Track process other service related disability claims?

No, at this time the system only processes claims about disabilities related to Agent Orange exposure as a result of in-country service during the Vietnam War. Those conditions are ischemic heart disease, hairy cell leukemia and Parkinson’s disease.

Will Fast Track ever process other benefits claims?

This decision has not yet been made. For the time being, Fast Track will only process claims about the three conditions related to in-country service during the Vietnam War. However, the “platform” is there to extend this to other kinds of disability claims.

Is there a system that will process other disability claims?

Yes, VA is developing a prototype system, called the Veterans Benefits Management System (VBMS), which will paperlessly process all disability and pension claims. Fast Track claims processing is a precursor to this more comprehensive system.

What is the difference between VBMS and Fast Track?

VBMS is the paperless system that will achieve the Secretary’s mission of “breaking the back” of the backlog by absorbing the current claims backlog. Fast Track will avoid adding more claims to the inventory by expeditiously processing the new claims.

How many claims will be added as a result of the three new presumptively connected diseases?

The Veterans Benefits Administration estimates that there will be 200,000 Agent Orange claims.