· Contact the Funeral Director of your choice to arrange for interment. If the burial is   at Fort Snelling Cemetery, request a Military Funeral and Honor Guard from the National Cemetery of local Post.

· Contact the Pastor of your church to arrange for the services you desire.

· Bring to the Funeral Director, a copy of the Veteran’s discharge, separation notice or DD-214, VA Claim Number, if known, and Veteran’s social security number.

· The Funeral Director will apply for any burial entitlements from the Department of Veterans Affairs toward burial expenses and also the allowance from Social Security for burial.

· The Funeral Director will apply for the flag to drape the casket.

· If the Veteran is a member of the Veterans of Foreign Wars, the Post Commander should be contacted for the Ritual Service, firing squad, if any, and casket bearers, if needed.

·If the Veteran had G.I. Insurance, contact the County Veterans Service Officer for assistance in completing the forms. If it is commercial insurance, contact an agent of the company that insured the Veteran.

· Spouse should contact Social Security Office to file for benefits that may be available for self and for children.

· The County Veterans Service Officer will assist the spouse and children in obtaining any benefits to which they may be entitled such as, survivors death benefits from the Department of Veterans Affairs, and headstone if burial is in a private cemetery. Bring to the County Veterans Service Officer the following information when applying for benefits:

1. Certified copy of the deceased Veterans service record (discharge).

2.  The Department of Veterans Affairs Claim Number if there is one.

3.  Social Security numbers of the deceased Veteran, spouse and dependent children.

4.  G.I. Insurance policies, if any.

5.  Certified copies of marriage, birth certificates of children and, if any, prior marriages existed, the information regarding when, where, and how dissolved (death or divorce).

6.  Certified copy of death certificate of Veteran.

If the claimant resides in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area, it may be more convenient to come to the VETERANS OF FOREIGN WARS CLAIMS OFFICE, Bishop Henry Whipple Federal Building, Room 184, 1 Federal Drive, St. Paul, MN 55111-4007, phone (612) 726- 1777 or (612) 970-5669 or Fax (612) 726-1633.

Things to do When a Veteran Dies
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YOU HAVE EARNED THE RIGHT TO CERTAIN VETERANS BENEFITS. This form will make it easier for your family to file for benefits in case of emergency. Retain a copy of this form in a place readily accessible.

To download form click below:

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