Major Cannon,

Thank you for contacting MOAA about recent proposals to change the VA disability system.  The perception about VA disability pay disappearing at age 65 and being replaced by Social Security is not entirely accurate.  The Dole/Shalala commissions' recommendations focused on a new payment to veterans for lost earning capacity, which would be paid to veterans under age 65.  This payment would be in addition to VA compensation and also would count towards credit for SS calculations at age 65.  This new additional payment would cease at age 65, at which time SS would begin.  The veteran would still receive VA disability compensation after age 65.  The only payment the veteran would not receive after age 65 would be the extra "earnings loss" payment (which would be replaced in whole or in part by SS).

It should be noted that there are very few of the Dole/Shalala recommendations that the president can unilaterally implement.  Most, if not all, of the recommendations require Congress to change the law.  To that end, you can be sure that we're letting Congress know where we stand on the Dole/Shalala recommendations. 

I hope this addresses your concern, but please feel free to contact me further should you have any other inquiries.


Jamie Naughton

Gentlemen, I am a life member of MOAA, and I have a question.
There are rumors on the internet that congress is toying with the idea
of cutting off Social Security disability benefits for those Veterans
that will qualify for VA Disability Compensation.....Any fire or smoke
here?   Please advise

Jim Cannon
Major USMC(Ret.)
          Paul Marquis
      Your Web Master