ABARE, Carl                           October 1966-November 1967       Second Platoon
ADAMCZYK, Stephen A.        January 1967-March 1968            First Platoon
ADAMS, Glenn                       February 1967-July 1967             Engineers
ALLEN, Wayne R.                   March 1967-December 1967         FO 1/12
ALEXANDER, Joe L.               December 1965-January 1967     Weapons Platoon
ALVAREZ, Andy L.                 May 13, 1967-April 13, 1967         Weapons Platoon
ARANT, George F.                  1966-February 1967                      First Platoon
ARTHUR, Allen W.                  April 1965-December 1966           Second Platoon
AUSTIN, Stephen                   September 1968-March 1969        Second Platoon

BACKUS, Richard D.              November 1966-July 1967            First Platoon
BAGNATO, Ron                         Unknown                             
BATES, Jim Jr.                       September 1966-October 1967     First Platoon
BEAUMIER, Mark A. Sr.         December 1965-January 1967      Second Platoon
BEBEE, Derrel W.                  September 1967-October 168        Weapons Platoon
BECK, Edward                        December 1966-July 1967            Weapons Platoon
BELL, Gerald                            Unknown
BENDLE, Robert C.                November-December 1966            Second Platoon
BETZ, Otto J. III                      March 1968-January 1969            Third Platoon
BOGARD, Robert N.               April 1967-October 1967            Commanding Officer
BOLITHO, Tom                       April 1965-December 1965            Third Platoon
BOLTER, Gary Lee                 January 1967-January 1967         FLSG-A-TRK Co.
BORRELLI, Anthony              August 1967-September 1968       Unknown
BOURNE, George                         kia August 7 1969                               First Platoon "Corpsman"
BRADFORD, James D.           December 1965-January 1967      Third Platoon
BRAIN, John B.                      April 1, 1968-April 30, 1969          Second Platoon
BRASSELL, Joe “Doc”            September 1967-January 1968     Third Platoon
BREEDING, Fred V.                February 1967-August 1967         Weapons Platoon
BRENEISEN, Steven M.         1967-1969                               Unknown
BRETON, Richard                   February 1968-April 1969             Weapons Platoon
BRINKMAN, Bill                     April 1965-December 1965            Second Platoon
BROOKS, Howard J.              April 1969-October 1969               Second Platoon
BRONCO, Richard W.             Unknown 1967-Unknown 1967    Second Platoon
BROWN, Kenneth N.              March 1969-June 1969                 CP
BRYANT, Tom                         June 1966-June 1967                   Weapons Platoon

CAHILL, Ivan                         November 1967 (Austrailian Army)  Commanding Officer
CAINES, Charles A.               1966                                         First Platoon
CANNON, James R.                October 1966-August 1967           Second Platoon & Plt Leader
CATALANO, Sam                          kia August 10 1969                             First Platoon
CARTER, Loston E.                 January 1968-June 1968             Second Platoon
CENTER, Ron                           Unknown
CHANEY, Robert L.                September 1968-October 1969     1St & 2nd Platoon
CHRISTMAN, Barry                December 1965-September 1966  Unknown
CLARK, William                      May 1967-November 1967            2nd & 3rd Platoons
CLARKE, Jeffery                    September 1968-March 1969        Weapons
CONLEY, Paul L.                    September 1968-October 1969      Third Platoon
CONNER, James M.               May 1968-October 1968                Second Platoon
COTA, David M.                      December 1967-July 1968            Second Platoon
COUGHTRY, Lester                January 1968-June 1968              First Platoon
CROWE, Douglas                   August 1968-November 1968     Commanding Officer

DAVIS, Archie                        October 1968-June 1969              Third Platoon
DAVIS, Glenn C.                    December 1967-January 1969      Weapons Platoon
DEPOPE, Jedd S.                   October 1967-January 1969         Weapons Platoon
DEVRIES, Marvin H.               January 1969-September 1969    Unknown
DISHMAN, W.C.                        Unknown
DOEDDERLEIN, Conrad                                                        Weapons Platoon
DOLEZILEK, Ernest                  Unknown
DOMINGO, John D.               April 1969-September1069           Third Platoon
DOMINGUEZ, David               May 1967-April 1968                     Second Platoon
DOWD Lawrence                          kia August 10 1969                             First Platoon
DRAKEFORD, Jackie L.                                                         Second Platoon
DUNCAN, John R. Jr.            December 1965-June 1966           First Platoon
DYE, Dale A.                           March 1968-October 1968             Third Platoon

EMERY, Malcolm                    March 1968-May 1968                  Second Platoon
ENGLADE, Bertley V. Jr.        April 1968-April 1969                   Unknown

FARMER, Harvie L. Jr.           June 1967-September1967           First Platoon
FARR, Bobby R.                      August 1966-September 1967      Weapons
FEARRAND, Terrell P. Jr.       January 1969-March 1969           First Platoon
FENNELL, Edward S.              June 1966-June 1967                  Weapons Platoon
FIELDS, Dennis J.                  April 1965-December 1965           Weapons Platoon
FLECK, Roy                            October 1965-November 1966       Weapons Platoon
FOREIT, Robert P.                  January 1967-August 1967           Third Platoon
FOUNTAIN, Elmer                   February 1967-January 1968       Weapons Platoon
FOWLER, James A.                   Unknown
FOX, James D.                          Unknown
FRENCH, Robert E.                April 1967-December 1967           LSU
FRERE, John E.                     July 1966-May 1967                     Third Platoon
FUTADO, Edward                          KIA May 1968                                     Second Platoon, 2nd Squad

GANDT, Thomas J.                     Unknown
GERHEIM, Earl C.                  November 1967-March 1968         Unknown
GIESE, Frederick H.               October 1967-July 1968               Corpsman/Wpns
GILLESPIE, John C.               July 1967-December 1967            Second Platoon
GONZALES, Antonio G.          January 1969-September 1969     Third Platoon
GOODWIN, Larry                    July 1966-December 1966            Third Platoon
GOUDREAULT, Paul D.              Unknown
GUERRIERI, Frank                                                                 Second Platoon

HAGGERTY, John A.                 Unknown
HALEY, William D.                 1966-1967                               Unknown
HALL, Roy                              July 1966-August 1967                 Third Platoon
HAWLEY, James G.                July 1966-August 1967                 Weapons Platoon
HAYES, David                             Unknown
HELTON, W.C.                       1968                                       Commanding Officer
HESSON, JOSEPH                       kia August 10 1969                             First Platoon
HERMAN, James                       Unknown
HILLIARD James                          kia August 10 1969                             First Platoon
HINMAN, Donald E.               March 1967-January 1968            Second Platoon
HOFELDT, Robert                  August 1965-August 1965             Unknown
HOLLEY, Jerry                          Unknown
HOOD, Robert C.                       Unknown
HOPPES, Micheal L.               April 1965-August 1965                Second Platoon
HOPWOOD, Harry E. III         1968                                         FO 81mm
HUGHES, William J.               April 1967-June 1968                   FACP
HULEN, John                         August 1966-1967                   Weapons Platoon
HULSEY, David A.                   March 1967-May 1968                  Radio section company CP
HUNGER, Allan D.                  May 1968-January 1969              Unknown
HUTTON, Thomas                   1965                                        Unknown

JAMES, Danny D.                  April 1965-December 1965           Third Platoon
JAMESON, Michael                January 1968-January 1969        Third Platoon
JENKINS, Charles C.                                                              Engineers
JENSEN, Keith           Unknown
JENNINGS, James      Weapons Platoon
JERDONEK, James R.            July 1966-August 1967                Third Platoon
JOHNSON, Leon V. Jr.           December 1966-December 1967   Weapons Platoon
JOHNSON, Richard                      kia August 10 1969                             First Platoon

KAEDER, Jay                             Unknown
KIESNER, Daniel R.               February 1967-March 1968           Third Platoon
KINDLON, Terence L.             December 1967-February 1968     Third Platoon
KIRALY, Douglas D.                June 1967-December 1967          Third Platoon
KLIMKO, Thomas J.                July 1967-August 1968                Weapons Platoon
KOSIR, Thomas M.                 May 1969-August 1969                 Third Platoon
KOSTENDT, Kenneth R.         August 1966-May 1967                 Second Platoon
KRANER, Marvin R.                August 1966-September 1967      First Platoon
KUZELA, Eric                         December 1966-December 1967   Second Platoon

LABADIE, Earnie D.               April 1965-December 1965           Second Platoon
LAMON, Robert H.     October 1966 to February 1967           Third Platoon
LAURIE, Rocco                             1967 to 1968                                        Third Platoon
LAWLESS, John B.                April 1965-December 1965            Second Platoon
LEE, Ralph K.                        August 1969-September 1969       Third Platoon CO
LEMBO, Steve                            Unknown
LIGHTFOOT, Gordon             1967-1968                                Unknown
LIGON, William R.                  May 1967-April 1968                     Second Platoon
LINDER, Roger L.                   April1965-December 1965            Second Platoon
LITTLE, Ted W.                        April 1965-December 1965          First Platoon
LOERZEL, Joseph A.              April 1967-May 1968                    First Platoon
LOPEZ, Louis                                                                         First Platoon
LOUGHRAN, James V.           1969-1969                               Weapons Platoon
LYON, Alfred E.                     March 1967-may 1967                Commanding Officer

MACVANE, Matthew               December 1966-February 1967          Weapons Platoon
MAGOFFIN, James A.             April 1965-December 1965           Weapons Platoon
MAIO, Richard            Unknown
MARDEN, James J.                                                                First Platoon
MARQUIS, Paul L.                  August 1967-September 1968       Bravo Battery 1/12
MARTINEZ, Jim                      May 1967-February 1968                    Third Platoon
MASON, James R.      First Platoon
MATYI, Brooks                              Spring 1969                                        Third Platoon
MCCORD, Leland E.              January 1968-February 1969        Weapons Platoon
MAXEY, Larry, B.                         August 67 to December 67                  2nd Platoon
MCINTYRE, Ronald                March 1967-September 1967        Third Platoon
MCKEE, Willaim W.                October 1968-June 1969              Third Platoon
MCSTOOTS, James E.            February 1969-October 1969        Second Platoon
MEHLING, Jerome F.             1965                                        Third Platoon
MEYER, Herbert J,     Unknown
MILLER, Brian C.                   December 1967-December 1968   Weapons Platoon
MINTER, Jack D.                    August 1966-July 1967                 First Platoon
MISKELL, Raymond P.           April 1967-November 1967            Radio Section
MIXON, WILLIAM                         May 1965 - Oct 1965                           Third Platoon
MONAHAN, Frederick G.        July 1966-July 1967                     Third Platoon
MOONEY, Michael                        kia August 10 1969                             First Platoon
MOUSER, Thomas                 1967-1967                                Company Clerk
MULLOY, Donald J.   Unknown

NAPIER, William                     December 1965-April 1966           Second Platoon
NELSON, Craig R                   March 1968-August 1968              Second Platoon
NEMETH, Stephen C.             September 1966-August 1967      Weapons Platoon
NOAKES, David L.                    Unknown
NORROD, GARY                           April 1965 - Oct 1965                          First Platoon

OLSEN, Edward                      July 1966-December 1966            Third Platoon
OSBORNE, Edgar B.               November 1968-October 1969      First & Third Platoon

PALS, Russ                            1968-1969                               First Platoon
PATTERSON, David H.            September 1966-July 1967          Second Platoon
PATTON, Martin                     June 1967-July 1968                    Third Platoon
PEIRCE, Kenneth                   June 1967-December 1967          2nd & 3rd Platoon
PEREZ, Ernest                          Unknow
PIRT, Douglas                           Unknown
POE, Charles                                kia August 10 1969                             First Platoon
POLAN, Darrel L.                      Unknown
POOLE, Leonard                    1967 Hill Fights                       FAC Team
PORTERFIELD, Roger            March 1965-October 1965             Second Platoon
PULTZ, Ronald                       March-September 1965                 Second Platoon

RAMOS, Oscar           Weapons Platoon
Raney Dale E                                2nd PLT. 3rd Squad Oct. 1966 until about April 67
RENFRO, James M.               July 1966-July 1967                     Weapons Platoon
RONGHOLT, Loyal G. Dec 1965 - 1966                                 First Platoon

SALAMONE, Franklin            February 1968-June 1968            H&S Plt. Sgt. 3rd Plt.
SATER, Mark                                kia August 10 1969                             First Platoon
SCHERER, Kenneth G.          September 1966-October 1967     Second Platoon
SCHIECL, David                                                                     FO Bravo 1/12
SEALE, Richard                      April 1965-August 1965                Third Platoon
SHARP, Carl R.                       September 1968-March 1969        Third Platoon
SHEPPARD, Tom                      Unknown
SHERIDAN, Michael                     kia August 10 1969                             First Platoon
SHIPMAN, Lyle                         Unknown
SIEMONS, Glenn J.                July 1966-June 1967                   Weapons Platoon
SKELTON, Rodney L.             January 1966-January 1967         Weapons Platoon
SLIPP, Douglas W.                  December 1966-August 1967        First Platoon
SMITH, Harley W. III               December 1967-March 1968         Weapons Platoon
SMITH, Harry A.                     August 1965-April 1966                Second Platoon
SMITH, Larry E.                     1969-1969                               Unknown
SMITH, Ronald A.                   December 1965-January 1967     Unknown
SMITH, William J.                  August 1967-March 1968              Third Platoon
SNOW, Glenn                           Unknown                                                                             Spicer, Robert                              November 1964-December 1965         Third Platoon 
STERNISHA, George              September 1966-October 1967      Third Platoon
STEVENS, Terry L.     Dec7 67 to Dec 68                               Third  Platoon
SULPIZIO, Ronald                  1967-1969                               Weapons Platoon
SWAYNE, Andrew T.               April 1967-March 1968                 Third Platoon
SWETISH, William G.             1968                                        First Platoon

TEHAN, William J. III              December 1967-May 1968            Third Platoon Cmdr.
THOMPSON, Robert W.          October 1967-February 1968       1st & 2nd Platoon
TOLUSE, Joe                          March1969-October 1969             First Platoon
TRICKEY, RUSSELL P. Jr             September 67 & 69                             Unknown
TURNER, Lindsay                         kia August 10 1969                             First Platoon

VEIGH, Thomas A.                  June 1965-June 1966                  Second Platoon
VOLK, Dennis J.                    April 1965-December 1965           First Platoon

WHITE, Allen B.                      December 1966-January 1968     Weapons Platoon
WILLIAMS, Danny                  August 1966-July 1967                 2nd Platoon Corpsman
WITMIER, William W.              May 1968-June 1969                    Second Platoon

YOUNG, Clarence W. III          February 1967-June 1967            2nd Platoon Corpsman

2ND BN 3RD MARINES (April 1965-October1969)
          Paul Marquis
      Your Web Wizard
Term of Affection for that tired, filthy, thirsty, hungry,
footsore, ripped-trousered, camouflage-painted, lean, mean,
beautiful little son of a b!tch who has kept the wolf away from
the door for over two hundred years!
Semper Fi !