The Oral History Project of the Vietnam Archive

In 1999 the Vietnam Center and Archive initiated the Oral History Project (OHP). The OHP is an element of the Archive and employees two full-time Oral Historians and three to four part- time transcriptionists. The history of the wars in Southeast Asia is not complete without the inclusion of the voices of those who were in some way involved. To that end, the mission of the OHP is to create and preserve a more complete record of the wars in Southeast Asia by preserving, through recorded interviews, the recollections and experiences of all who were involved in those wars. There is no political agenda in the development of the Archive or the Oral History Project. Anyone can participate, whether an American veteran, a former ally or enemy of the U.S., an anti-war protester, a government employee, a family member of a veteran, etc. The more breadth and depth the OHP has in its participants, the better and more authentic the collection and preservation of the history of the wars will be.

For information on how to participate in the Oral History Project, go to the How to Participate section of this site. If you are interested in learning how to interview veterans, please view our Online Oral History Workshop. To listen to available interviews or read transcripts online, go to the Interviews page or search the Virtual Vietnam Archive.
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