Here is some information on a couple of Marines KIA during 04/04/1969. They were all part of Echo 3rd Platoon...........on the Echo website they are listed as Platoon Unknown.

Thomas M Boule, Kenneth Gene Misner, Joseph Dennis Slawek Jr and Terrill M Lisle, were all part of 3rd Platoon when they were KIA.

I was there that night when we were attacked. Also remember about mid-morning when all the enemy bodies of the KIAS were dumped in a bomb crater. I helped with shoveling dirt to cover the bodies up.

Here is some information that got from the Vietnam Veterans Memorial website, when looking for pictures and information of these Marines, or other KIA Marines that I know were in 3rd Platoon.

Kenneth G Miser was KIA while on an LP on Big Foot Brown just east of the Lation border on 4 April 1969. The following is an extract from Command Chronology of 1st Bn 3D Marines April 1969:

At 0435H, E 2/3 located at LZ Big Foot Brown (XD829231) was probed from the northwest and northeast by an estimated enemy company dressed in green uniforms using squad sized waves from the northwest. The enemy fired RPG's, 60mm mortars, small arms and automatic weapons. Company E fought back using organic weapons, mortars, and artillery Enemy broke contact at 0500. After contact was broken, Co E, sweeping the area outside the lines, found freshly dug 60mm mortar pit protected by fighting holes near the road vicinity (XD824235) aiming stakes were found in still in place. Co E had 6 WIA, 4 KIA, and inflicted 15 KIA'S and captured 1 POW.

Miser, Boule, Lisle and Slawek were all on LP that night. Actually, it was an all night probe, but the attack came through from where the LP (KIA's) were situated that morning at 0435H. Though I believe that they were killed way before 0435H!!!!!!!!

I believe that all Echo KIA's such have as much information as possible, not just a name, city, and KIA date.

The following information is due to the hard work of Echo Company
Member Antonio Gonzales research on finding other
Echo Company Marines KIA and that have
not yet been added to our web site.

Some of the KIA's from Mutters Ridge are listed as Unknown Platoon. The Marines listed below were with 2/3, 3rd Platoon:

L/Cpl  Lawrence Kent Dowd
Pfc  Joseph Leonard Hesson III
Pfc  Richard Arno Johnson Jr
Pfc  Ronald Robert Ozimek
Pfc  Luther Walker Jr

The Marines listed below were part of the Weapons Platoon (attached to E Co)? The only KIA listed correctly on the website is:

S/Sgt Seminara, Charles B  81's H & S Co (Mortar, or Weapons Platoon w/E 2/3 @ Mutter's Ridge.)

Here are a couple of KIA's from Mutter's Ridge not included on Echo 2/3 website:

Pfc Reginalod Mark Sater        Echo  3rd Platoon   
Pfc Michael James Mooney      Weapons Platoon
L/Cpl Sam Catalano Jr            Weapons Platoon

L/Cpl John Loyd Mutschler     Weapons Platoon...WIA on 08/10/09....died from wounds on 08/19/69............awarded the Silver Star

L/Cpl Ricky W Hall......WIA 08/10/69.......died from wounds...same as KIA..on 08/23/69

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email me
If anyone knows of an Echo Marine that was KIA from 1965 to 1969
please email Antonio Gonzales with what all you know.

PFC James Mooney

L/CPL Sam Catalano Jr

"There are only two kinds of people who
understand Marines: Marines and the enemy.
Everyone else has a second-hand opinion."
L/Cpl John Barca Jr
Service #2292304
M60 Machine Gunner
15 April 1949-22 March 1969

Mr & Mrs John Barca Sr, Parents
Ronald M Barca, Brother
20 Lasalles St
Staten Island, NY

Lance Corporal Barca started with Kilo Company, 3rd Battalion,
27th Marines, but went to Echo Company, 2nd Battalion, 3rd
Marines, when the 27th Marines departed Vietnam. Him and Pvt
Walter Green Jr of Baltimore, Maryland, were killed by an "explosive
device" 4 kilometers southeast of LZ Torch, or some 19 kilometers
south-southeast of the Khe Sanh airfield
Cpl Daniel Clyde Lykin #2154414
20 March 1947-25 August 1966
0311 Rifleman
Willard, Ohio
Daniel in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, May, 1966
Daniel on the Princeton-Final Reunion Pictured left to right:
Ron Ross, S-1 Division, cousin
Daniel Lykins, Echo Co, 2nd Bn, 3rd Mar
Gary Lykins, V-4 Division, brother
L/Cpl Daniel Lykins, was flown to the Princeton, during combat in Vietnam, 12 August 1966. His presence was requested by the ship's Captain, from requests made by his brother, Gary Lykins.

Daniel was KIA 26 August 1966, during Operation Alleghency. A mere two weeks after leaving the ship.
New Castle News
Lance Corp. Daniel Clyde Lykins,19, son of Mr. & Mrs Hubert Clyde Lykins of 302 Sycamore St, was killed in action in the vicinity of Da Nang,Vietnam.

The report from the Marine officials said that he suffered a gunshot wound in the chest while participating in an operation against hostile forces. He was attached to the 2nd Battalion, 3rd Marines, Echo Company.

Cpl Lykins enlisted in the Marine Corp in April 1966 at the Willard, Ohio recruiting station. He had been in Vietnam about one month. He received his basic training at Parris Island, SC, and served four months in Cuba.

He was born in Willard, Ohio, March 21, 1947, and was a resident of New Castle for 13 years. He attended Shenango High School and completed his education while in the Marines. He was employed at the Druschel Greenhouse prior to enlisting in the service.
Hubert C Lykins, father
Lena D Lykins, mother
Gary Lykins, brother-Navy veteran
Patty Lykins, sister
Hubert Lykins, brother
Betty Bromeley, sister
Mary Ann Smiley, step-sister
Frank Bethle, step-brother
Joe Bethle, step-brothet
George Bethle, step-brother
Mrs. Zettie Lykins, grandmother
Fred Whitt-Brother
Sue Conley-Step-sister
Doug Conley-Half brother

Picture of Lt Gallagher
while in Vietnam.
Patrick at a wedding
PMA graduation pic of Patrick
Power Memorial Academy website:

2nd Lt Patrick Joseph Gallagher class of 1962. He was born October 24, 1943 and grew up in the Bronx. He attended Holy Rosary School and graduated in 1958.

He attended Power Memorial Academy and graduated in 1962 and went to Providence College where he graduated in 1966.

He went into the Marine Corp and was killed in action September 27, 1967 during a firefight in Quang Tri Province, South Vietnam while leading a platoon on route to reinforce the Marine base at Con Thien.

Submitted by his brother Jim Gallagher Class of 1953

Upon graduation from Providence College in Providence, RI, Pat went into officers training at Quantico. From there he went to Vietnam where he arrived and was assigned to 1st Platoon, Echo Company, 2nd Battalion, 3rd Marines in May, 1967. He was killed in action on September 27, 1967, in Quang Tri Province.

He is buried at Calvary Cemetery, Queens, New York.

Received February, 2010 from Jim Gallagher.
2nd Lt Patrick Joseph Gallagher #0101074
         24 October 1943-27 September 1967
                0301 Basic Infantry Officer
                     New York, New York

Vincent Gallagher, father
Nettie B Gallagher, mother
Arleen  Farrell, sister
Jim Gallagher, brother
Vincent Gallagher, brother
Bob, Bobby, Antoinette
Clifton HS picture
Robert home on leave
PFC Robert H.Kruger
Pfc Robert Henry Kruger Jr #2253209
                        0311 Rifleman
                19 July 1948-3 May 1967

Robert H Kruger Sr, father (deceased-1963)
Antoinette Louise Kruger, Mother
Crystal, Sister
Roger,  Brother
Frieda Leimbach, Grandmother

He was buried 17 May 1967.
Beverly National Cemetery
Section U, Site 347
916 Bridgeboro Road
Beverly, New Jersey 08010

Pfc Robert Kruger died from a fatal wound during the fighting at Khe Sanh, Hill 881 North.
A small side street next to Clifton High School is named after him
      Pfc Donny Ray Stewart #2418066
              13 November 1948-21 September 1968
0341 Mortarman

Floyd Eugene Stewart, father
Wilma Jean Stewart, mother
Susan, sister
Dianne, sister
Patty, sister

Donny grew up and lived at 505 Northwest 6th Street, Homestead, FL. He played defensive back for the South Dade High School Rebels football team. Class of 1968. He joined the Marines right after graduation.

As a member of the Marine Corp, Pfc Donny Ray Stewart served our country 21 September in Quang Tri, Vietnam. Donny died from small arms fire. He was 19 years old and not married. He served our country for less than one year. He is buried at Palms Woodlawn Cemetary, Homestead, FL
Class of 1968 picture from South Dade HS Year Book
A football picture of Donny making a tackle during a football game.
A picture/info of Donny when he played defensive back in HS
A special thanks to South Dade High Schools (Rita) for the photos/info that they provided about Donny Ray Stewart.
1st Lt Larry Robert Taylor #089065
18 August 1937-9 September 1965
0302 Infantry Officer

Taylor, father
Thayer, mother (maiden name)

2nd Lt Larry R Taylor was born in Pueblo, CO. He graduated from Pueblo
East High School. Class of 1955.
He served in the Marine Corp for 10 years. He was with 3rd Platoon of Echo Company, 2nd Battalion, 3rd Marines in Quang Nam, S Vietnam, 9 September 1965.
1st Lt Taylor died from multi-fragment wounds at Balboa Naval Hospital,
San Diego, CA. He was buried 14 September 1965.

Ft Logan National Cemetery
Section Q, Site 307
4400 West Kenyon
Denver, CO
PFC Wayne John Sylvia

PVT William Neil Wilson

               0311 Rifleman
Boot Camp Picture & NJVVMF info
                L/Cpl Barry Don Thomas #2135198
                                        30 April 1948-07 May 1967
                                                0311 Rifleman


Mr & Mrs Raymond C Thomas, parents
Ray C Thomas, brother, of Erie, CO
Geneva Thomas, sister
Robert C Thomas, grandfather
Mr & Mrs Ted James, grandparents, Kermit, TX

Lance Cpl. Barry Don Thomas, 19, of Lyons, Colorado, died Sunday, May 7th, as a result of wounds he received May 5th, while fighting with the Third Marine Division on Hill 881 in South Vietnam.

He was the son of Mr. and Mrs. Raymond C. Thomas, of Box 434, Lyons,
Colorado. Mr. Thomas is a painting contractor.

Lance Cpl. Thomas was born in Mountain Air, New Mexico. He spent his early life there and in Kermit, Texas, before coming to the Longmont area in 1955. He lived with his parents in Longmont and Berthoud before the family moved to Lyons. He attended Longmont High School before joining the Marines.

He came from a military family. His father served with the United States Navy during World War ll, and his brother served in the United States Air Force for two years.

Before joining the Marines, Thomas worked at odd jobs and at the Loveland Packing Company. He enlisted in the Marines in 1965. He took his basic training in San Diego, CA and had advanced combat training in Okinawa before going to Vietnam. He turned 19 years old one week before he was killed. Lance Cpl. Thomas was attached to Echo Company of the Third Marines.

When assigned to Vietnam, he drove a jeep for a supply company, but was later transferred to an infantry division. He had been in Vietnam about nine months before he was shot. According to his grandfather, Robert C Thomas, his grandson had been back in action for about 10 days after a two month rest.

His grandfather said that his grandson was shot once before, but the bullet went through his jacket, and didn't wound him. According to his grandfather, his grandson "was very anxious to go to Vietnam. He wanted to help win the war."

Lance Cpl. Barry Don Thomas was buried 23 May 1967.

Ft Logan National Cemetery
Section R, Site 523
4400 West Kenyon Avenue
Denver, CO
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Pfc Joseph Byron McCartney #2495940
10 November 1948-3 March 1969
0351 Assaultman


Byron W McCartney, father (deceased 1967)
Deborah Ann McCartney, mother
Elizabeth, sister
Chey        (Nephew)
Michael    (Nephew)
John        (Nephew)
Diana       (Niece)
Julie        (Niece)
Michael    (Brother-in-Law)
Jackie      (Sister-in-Law)
Sache       (Great Niece)
Enzo        (Great Nephew)

Joseph attended South Houston High School. He went into the Marines 1 July 1968. He arrived in Vietnam 19 February 1969. Pfc Joseph B McCartney died from small arms fire 3 March 1969 during Operation Dewey Canyon, Quang Tri Province, S Vietnam.

Lt Bryon W McCartney, father of Pfc McCartney was a United States Air Force veteran. He died before his son went into the Marine Corp.

Bryon W McCartney was buried on Section D, Site 9.
Joseph B McCartney was buried on Section D, Site 151, 14 March 1969.

Houston National Cemetery
10410 Veterans Memorial Drive
Houston, TX
Pfc Bruce Lamar Simpson #2182459
19 February 1947-19 October 1966
0311 Rifleman


Ernest Lamar Simpson, father
Myrl Nell Simpson, mother
Sheryl, sister
Alice, sister

Bruce was born and raised in Sebring, FL. The middle child of two sisters. For many years the family lived at 133 E Center Street, across from the high school.

Bruce dropped out of school after football his senior year. He had played offensive and defensive tackle during high school. He attended beautician school in Orlando, then finished in St Pete, and received his state license.

Bruce was engaged to Carol Sue Weaver, when he volunteered for the draft, and enlisted in the Marines in October 1965. After boot camp at Parris Island, SC, he was sent to Camp LeJeune, then to Camp Pendelton, CA, then to Vietnam.

There in addition to guard duty and combat, he helped build a school house for Vietnamese children. On 19 October 1966, Pfc Bruce L Simpson was killed in action near DaNang, Quang Nam Province by sniper fire.

The day of the funeral, the flags were at half mast, school was out early, and the funeral was held at the Episcopal Church. Full military rites were led at grave site in Pinecrest Cemetery by the Marines honor guard.

In 1994 an AmVets post was organized and named the Bruce L Simpson
AmVets Post 21, in Bruce's honor.
Pfc John Victor Gilker #2509529
16 September 1950-24 June 1969
0311 Rifleman


Mr & Mrs James Gilker, parents
1 Free Ferry Heights
Fort Smith, AR

Pfc John Gilker arrived in Vietnam 11 June 1969. At the time our company was conducting a search and destroy mission below the DMZ.

Marines serving in Vietnam were killed, or died in various ways. Some Marines were killed directly by enemy fire, mines, booby traps, or friendly fire. Other Marines died in accidents, drowning, malaria, and illness.

The extreme heat and harsh environment caused the death of Pfc John Gilker. His cause of death on 24 June 1969 was due to heatstroke. He had been in country for 13 days.

He is buried at,

Holy Cross Cemetery
Memorial #13574900
Sebastian County
Fort Smith, AR
LCpl Gary Mario Martorella #2253855
1 March 1947-31 May 1968
0311 Rifleman


Mr & Mrs Salvatore F Matorella Sr, parents
Salvatore Jr, brother
Maria, sister
Angela, sister

90 West 4th Street
Bayonne, New Jersey

In Bayonne, an ever fresh wound of war. Life goes on. So does death. Nothing brings this home like Memorial Day, when the nation mourns the death of it's servicemen. Because for every young person who paid the ultimate price, there is a family left behind that continues to pay.

"It never goes away." Those four words were spoken by every survivor of the Bayonne men killed in Vietnam.

There are 30 men whose names are etched in a wall of granite. The names on the wall, like Bayonne itself, read like a poem. Duffy and Chuan. Martorella, Maczulski and McGuire, Mione and Negron, Johnson and Jacobs.

Nothing brings this home like Memorial Day. We all bleed red, and the death of every serviceman leaves a black hole equally dark for every survivor.

For Maria Alexander and Angela Doria, it cost them their big brother, Gary Martorella. Angela was four years old when the news came, one of her earliest memories. "I never got to know him. It's been a void in my life." For Maria, "My brother would be 61 now. I bet he would still be out on the street playing stick-ball with the neighborhood kids."

Life goes on, and the loss-that black hole-doesn't diminish with time. The dead stay missed, the empty seat at the table remains. A branch of the Family Tree is sawed off. Forever.
Lance Cpl William Gary Gifford #2360859
14 October 1948-31 May 1968
0311 Rifleman


Mr & Mrs Francis W Gifford                        
424 West Osbom Road                                                                                                                                             
Phoenix, AZ

US military servicemen who died (including missing and captured), as a result of the of the Vietnam Conflict from Arizona totaled over 600 men.

Gifford went to Vietnam 11 December 1967. As a member of the Marines, he served our country until 31 may 1968. He was killed by small arms fire 6 kilometers from Dong Ha, Quang Tri Province, South Vietnam. He was 19 years old, and wasn't married.

Lance Cpl William Gary Gifford was buried with full military rites at,

National Memorial Cemetery
Mariopa County
23029 North Cave Creek Rd
Phoenix, AZ

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Pfc Leo Menendez Jr #2227585
21 June 1949-29 December 1967
0311 Rifleman


Mr & Mrs Leo Menendez Sr, parents
PO Box 46
Spelter, WV

Leo was 18 years old when he joined the Marines. He went for his Boot Camp basic training at Parris Island, SC. He was a member of Platoon 3010.

Pfc Menendez arrived in Vietnam on 18 December 1967, and was assigned to Echo Company. He was killed by small arms fire during Operation Auburn, Noi Island, Quang Nam Province, S Vietnam.

Operation Auburn was conducted from 28 December 1967 to 3 January 1968. Six Marines from Echo Company lost their lives on 29 December 1967. All the bodies were recovered.

Pfc Leo Menendez was buried at Greenlawn Cemetery, Wilsonburg, WI.
LCpl Huelyn Bernard Stoker #2329702
23 January 1948-27 September 1967
0311 Rifleman


Mr & Mrs Richard A Lyons, parents
609 Park St
Longview, TX

Although various websites indicate that the home of record was Dallas,  LCpl Huelyn B Stoker was from Longview, TX.

LCpl Stoker died from small arms gun shot to his abdomen during a firefight, Quang Tri Province, S Vietnam.

Echo platoon was on route to reinforce the Marine base at Con Thien. During the firefight with the NVA the following Marines were killed, Lt Gallagher,the platoon commander, Cpl Carruthers and LCpl Malin. All the bodies were recovered. 

He is buried at,

Grace Hill Cemetery
Memorial #5485553
601 W Marshall Ave
Gregg County
Longview, TX
Pfc Michael Franklin Sheridan #1694024
7 February 1951-10 August 1969
0351 Assault man


Mr & Mrs Franklin Sheridan, parents
Judi, sister
Shirl, sister
Elaine, sister
Frank, brother
Mary Ann Bristow, foster sister
Mrs Norma Sheridan, grandmother, of FL
Mrs Bertha Ellis, grandmother, of PA

  Far away from the ant-war sentiment in a small working-class
community in Chester County, PA, lived the Sheridan Family. Folks in Chester County were simple people who, emigrated from Germany, Ireland and other Communist countries.

Michael Franklin Sheridan was born in Coatesville, PA, and lived a few years in Atglen, before going into the Marines. He was engaged to Beverly Taylor, from Parkesburg, PA.

Michael joined the Marines in May, 1968, after attending Octorara High School. After graduating from Parris Island, SC, he was transferred to Camp LeJune, NC, where after further training he was deployed to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

Pfc Sheridan arrived in Vietnam on July 4, 1969, and was assigned to H&S Company, 3rd Battalion, 3rd Marines. He was stationed at Vandergrift Combat Base between Khe Sanh and the "Rockpile."

Mutters Ridge was the site of much fighting during the summer of 1969.
Pfc Sheridan was with a Mortar Platoon that was attached to 3rd Platoon of Echo Company, 2nd Battalion, 3rd Marines. Pfc Sheridan was killed by an enemy mortar barrage on Hill 484, along with at least (22) of his fellow Marines, 10 August 1969.

His remains were recovered and returned to his grieving family living at 427 Rosemont Avenue. He was buried  in his hometown of Atglen, PA
Pfc Gerald Wayne Ziy #2379329
24 June 1948-29 December 1967
0311 Rifleman

Milas K Ziy, father
Mary S Ziy, mother
Howard Dale, brother (deceased 1947)
Ronald, brother
John, brother
Melba, sister
Elizabeth, sister
Sharon Dianne, sister
4937 Thelka St
St Louis, MO

Gerald W Ziy was born in St Ann, MO. He attended Ritenour School District, Overland, MO. He was the team catcher on the State High School Championship team in 1967. He was a wrestler, he played back in Varsity football, and on the basketball team

Pfc Gerald Wayne Ziy arrived in country 21 December 1967, he was killed eight days later during Operation Auburn.

He was killed by small arms fire at Noi Island, Quang Nam Province, S Vietnam 29 December 1967. Six Marines from Echo Company were killed that day.

Pfc Gerald W Ziy, Howard Dale Ziy (brother), and Milas Kucea Ziy (father) are all buried at the same cemetery.

Memorial Park Cemetery
Pfc Gerald W Ziy #19099285
Dunkin County
Malden, MO