"My profession has been medical transcription for many years, I have personally transcribed international meetings of doctors all over the world. It would make your blood run cold and your skin crawl to hear the doctors from Germany, France, the U.K. and Canada, especially those countries, talking about how there are too many people to treat and never ever enough money and because of these facts, medical care is very substandard and lacking.

In Germany, I have heard doctors say that they are allotted only so much money for all their patients for prescription med's the year and by the end of March/early April, all that money is already gone and they have no funds for med's of any kind for the patients they see throughout the rest of that year!

I read the other day that something like 25,000 people in the U.K. alone die of cancer each year, because they do not get med's and/or do not get treated in a timely manner.

No matter what political party a person is in this country, they should fight with every bit of their being and energy to defeat any type of government controlled healthcare and/or nationalized healthcare.

What does need to be done is stop the drug companies from squandering their money paying off doctors to prescribe their med's and drive the price of prescription drugs down.

Every time a doctor prescribes a med, they probably get a kickback from the drug company that made that drug. Also, many doctors abuse and scam the Medicare and Medicaid systems. These should be firmly and strictly regulated. If these two things were reformed and controlled, it would dramatically reduce the cost of med's and medical care in this country.

Reform is what we need and keep the system we have. NO SOCIALIZED OR NATIONALIZED HEALTHCARE IN THE UNITED STATES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Judy Hester
By Judy Hester
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