I am Ken Wiseman and I am an Associate Director on the VFW's legislative staff.  I received your email concerning the budget proposal from President Trump.  I hope that what I can tell you will alleviate some of your concerns.

As for the parts of the President's proposal that would trim veteran benefits such as IU and round downs on compensation checks, the VFW opposes them.  We believe that veterans who have earned IU are truly at a disadvantage because of not being able to work.  That would impact their Social Security earnings later.  So, you would see a drop in your monthly compensation and less than average in your Social Security which is a double edged sword in our opinion and it cuts in both directions.  We won't stand for that.  Further, the monthly compensation check you currently received would be rounded down to the nearest dollar in a way that would deny veterans the benefits that they have earned.  We won't stand for that either.

Other benefits impacted by this would include dental and insurance for dependents.  Further those spouses who receive survivor benefits would also see a round down in their monthly check.  The impacts of this plan would cut deep and the VFW simply cannot support those ideas.

The first step in our opposition was to issue our press statement.  You can read that here: Additionally, we will work with Congress to craft a budget for VA that cares for veterans in a way that veterans deserve.  Several members of Congress have already stated their opposition to the President's proposed cuts.

I promise that the VFW is already fighting!  Please help us by contacting your members of Congress and telling them of the opposition that you and the VFW have.

Thanks for the email, please forward this to those who you know are impacted, and please let me know if you have any other questions.

Ken Wiseman
Associate Director
National Legislative Service
VFW Washington Office


News came out from the VA that the budget is looking at the options to reconsider IU after a certain age. I think the plan is to drop the IU after age 62. If this happens, many Veterans? will be hurt and some will be homeless. Veteran?s that were IU before being able to save for a retirement will be falling between the cracks. They have served our country and through no fault of their own have become so disabled that they could no longer work. Many will have only a small Social Security check to fall back on. We know the average amount being very small to live off. Social Security was meant to be a supplement to what people saved to retire on. These Veterans were not able to build a retirement through the normal means, such as an IRA account. Pensacola has a large military population with many of its Veteran?s being disabled. I feel that if we can give money to other countries, we can keep the IU for our Veterans. What will the VFW do to prevent this from happening?

I hope you will get this email others that I've sent to FL Headquarters bounced back.

Respectively submitted,
Paul Marquis USMC
100% Total & Permanent disabled
70% rating. PTSD
Life Member VFW

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