Operation Auburn

Conducted 28 Dec 67 through 03 Jan 68 on Go Noi Island, Quang Nam Province, was primarily a 5th Marines operation, but E Company, 2nd Battalion, 3rd Marines, was attached to 3/5 Marines to provide an extra rifle company.

Go Noi Island was infested with North Vietnamese regulars and Viet Cong main and local forces, and very heavy fighting resulted when the Marines engaged fortified NVA and VC elements.

Echo 2/3 lost twelve men killed in action on 28 December 1967, 7 on 29 Dec

SSgt Salome Hernandez, Anthony, NM
Cpl Robert L. Boyer, Long Beach, CA (Silver Star)
Cpl Richard L. Carlson, Montclair, NJ
Cpl James B. Cox, Washington, WV
LCpl Patrick E. Anglim, Long Beach, CA
LCpl Carl E. Chamberlain, Nashville, TN
Pfc Byron A. Gaines, Jacksonville, FL (Silver Star)
Pfc Thomas B. Holdbrooks, Mc Kinney, TX
Pfc Arturo M. Lara, Los Angeles, CA
Pfc Ronald J. Streckert, Chilton, WI
Pfc Ernesto Tarango, Los Angeles, CA
Pfc Herbert O. Zinnel, Dakota City, IA

And seven more on 29 December:

Sgt Henry L. Morgan, Benson, NC (Silver Star)
Pfc David A. Blough, Spencer, MA (Silver Star)
Pfc John A. Delozier, Tucson, AZ
Pfc Leo Menendez, Spelter, WV
Pfc Steven D. Munden, Minneapolis, MN
Pfc Dennis C. Smith, Deer River, MN
Pfc Gerald W. Ziy, St Ann, MO

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